Elephant and Castle Roundabout

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Elephant and Castle remains one of the most dangerous and unpleasant junctions in London despite Transport for London spending £25m redesigning it in 2015. How did such a unsafe & unpleasant junction get built in 2015 and what can be done to fix it? It's a saga of wonky objectives, dubious pressure groups, hasty politicians, and the trumping of development over transport needs.

Unsafe and Unpleasant The Designed in Dangers of Elephant and Castle's Roundabout by Richard Reynolds

Download the dossier on the designed-in dangers of The Elephant & Castle's new road layout, also known as "The Bend". Edition 2, March 2017.

Visit the archived campaign sites (2011-2015):

Say No To The Bodge

Save Our Subways

Campaigner and author Richard Reynolds has been shaping public space at Elephant and Castle since 2004, both as a guerilla gardener as well as champion for the improvement not destruction of safe segregated pedestrian space. He has a degree in Geography from Oxford University and is an enthusiastic pedestrian, cyclist and motorist.